stick control

course 1 singles

moeller part 1

moeller part 2

moeller part 3

lesson 1- one handed singles

Lesson 2-32nd note spurts

Lesson 3-32nd note long distance

Lesson 4-singles on left & right of kit

Lesson 5-accenting your singles

Lesson 6- The Morello warm up

Lesson 7- The Morello warm up 2

Lesson 8- long strength

Stick control course 2 – Doubles

Lesson 1-Doubles with accents

Lesson 2-32nd note spurts

Lesson 3-Squeeze bounce

Lesson 4-Numbered stroke rolls

Lesson 5- Accents

Lesson 6-Inverted builder

Lesson 7-The buzz stroke

Lesson 8- Buzz warm up

Lesson 9-Buzz accents

Lesson 10- The Drag

Lesson 11-sweep

Stick control Course 3- Paradiddles

Lesson 1-Paradiddles

Lesson 2-Paradiddle accents

Lesson 3-The Paradiddlediddle

Lesson 4-Grooving the Paradiddle

Lesson 5- Grooving the Paradiddlediddle

Lesson 6- Paradiddle variation

Lesson 7- Inverted Paradiddle

Stick control course 4-Flams

Lesson 1- Closing the gap

Lesson 2- Flam taps

Lesson 3-Swiss triplets

Lesson 4- Single flammed mill

Lesson 5-Pata fa fla

Lesson 6-Flamadiddle

Lesson 7-Flamadiddlediddle

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