Essential grooves course 1

Lesson 1-Feeling the groove

Lesson 2-One hand 16s

Lesson 3-Displaced accents

Lesson 4-Two hand 16s

Lesson 5-Open hh

Lesson 6-Ghost notes

Lesson 7- Groove independence

Course 2 Blues grooves

Lesson 1- blues shuffle

Lesson 2-Half time shuffle

Lesson 3-Half time shuffle part 2

Lesson 4- half time blues

Lesson 5-The pocket

Lesson 6-The Bo Diddly

Lesson 7- Rumba blues

Lesson 8-The train beat

Course 3 Rock grooves

Lesson 1-Standard rock beats

Lesson 2-Adding 16th note kicks

Lesson 3-Tom grooves

Lesson 4-Punk grooves

Course 4 Funk grooves

Lesson 1-Adding 16th singles in your groove

Lesson 2-Ghosting before & after the back beat

Lesson 3-16th note kick patterns

Lesson 4-Combining kick & snare 16s

Lesson 5- Fire by the Ohio players

Lesson 6-Moving the down beat & back beat

Lesson 7-Open HH

Lesson 8-Paradiddle grooves

Lesson 9-16th note coordination

Lesson 10-Coordination with HH accents

Lesson 11-Linear funk

Lesson 12-The Cissy strut

Lesson 12-The Cissy strut play along

Lesson 13-Disco funk

Lesson 14-Cold sweat

Lesson 14-Cold sweat play along

Course 5 Reggae grooves

Lesson 1-The one drop

Lesson 2- one drop variations

Lesson 3-Steppers

Lesson 4-Dancehall

Lesson 5-Ska

Lesson 6-Rocksteady

Course 6 Jazz independence

Lesson 1-Playing time

Lesson 2-snare independence

Lesson 3-kick independence

Lesson 4-kick & snare

Lesson 5-Syncopation

Lesson 6-Triplet fills

Lesson 7-Brush technique

Lesson 8-Big band swing

Lesson 9- Triple stroke